The RETOUCH challenge is open for submissions!

Welcome to the Retinal OCT Fluid Challenge! RETOUCH was initially organized as a half day Challenge in conjunction with the 4th MICCAI Workshop on Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis (OMIA), a Satellite Event of the MICCAI 2017 conference in Quebec City, Canada.

The goal of the challenge is to compare automated algorithms that are able to detect and segment various types of fluids on a common dataset of optical coherence tomography (OCT) volumes representing different retinal diseases, acquired with devices from different manufacturers. We made available a dataset of OCT volumes containing a wide variety of retinal fluid lesions with accompanying reference annotations. We invite the medical imaging community to participate by developing and testing existing and novel automated retinal OCT segmentation methods.


Please cite the following paper to refer to the RETOUCH challenge and dataset.
Hrvoje Bogunovic, Freerk Venhuizen, Sophie Klimscha, Stefanos Apostolopoulos, Alireza Bab-Hadiashar, Ulas Bagci, Mirza Faisal Beg, Loza Bekalo, Qiang Chen, Carlos Ciller, Karthik Gopinath, Amirali K. Gostar, Kiwan Jeon, Zexuan Ji, Sung Ho Kang, Dara D. Koozekanani, Donghuan Lu, Dustin Morley, Keshab K. Parhi, Hyoung Suk Park, Abdolreza Rashno, Marinko Sarunic, Saad Shaikh, Jayanthi Sivaswamy, Ruwan Tennakoon, Shivin Yadav, Sandro De Zanet, Sebastian M. Waldstein, Bianca S. Gerendas, Caroline Klaver, Clara I. Sanchez, Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth. RETOUCH -The Retinal OCT Fluid Detection and Segmentation Benchmark and Challenge, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, vol 38(8), pp. 1858-1874, 2019. [PDF]
[DOI: 10.1109/TMI.2019.2901398] [Bib].

How to Participate?

If you want to participate in the online challenge, you can register at the website, download the training and test data, and submit the results, provided you agree with the rules of the challenge and sign the data sharing agreement.

Please contact the organizers if you have any questions. 

Important Dates

11 Feb 2019: RETOUCH on-line challenge opened.
14 Sep 2017: RETOUCH in conjuction with MICCAI 2017.
03 Sep 2017: Test set results submission deadline.
01 Aug 2017: Test set was released.
31 July 2017: MICCAI 2017 challenge paper submission deadline.
12 June 2017: Second part of the Training set was released (Topcon).
10 April 2017: First part of the Training set was released (Cirrus and Spectralis).
03 April 2017: Registration opened.