Welcome to the Retinal OCT Fluid Challenge! RETOUCH is organized as a half day Challenge in conjunction with the 4th MICCAI Workshop on Ophthalmic Medical Image Analysis (OMIA), a Satellite Event of the MICCAI 2017 conference in Quebec City, Canada.

RETOUCH challenge is partnering with OMIA to widen the opportunities to present your work at MICCAI. In addition to the traditional oral and poster presentations of OMIA, RETOUCH offers the chance to try your software on a real challenge, this year with OCT images

The goal of the challenge is to compare automated algorithms that are able to detect and segment various types of fluids on a common dataset of optical coherence tomography (OCT) volumes representing different retinal diseases, acquired with devices from different manufacturers. We made available a dataset of OCT volumes containing a wide variety of retinal fluid lesions with accompanying reference annotations. We invite the medical imaging community to participate by developing and testing existing and novel automated retinal OCT segmentation methods.


Important Dates

03 April 2017: Registration opens.
10 April 2017: First Training set is released (Cirrus and Spectralis devices).
12 June 2017: Second Training set is released (Topcon device).
31 July 2017: Challenge papers submission deadline 
01 Aug 2017: Test set is released.
03 Sep 2017: Results submission deadline.
14 Sep 2017: RETOUCH in conjuction with OMIA workshop at MICCAI 2017.





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